8 reasons why I love Spotify

And how I'd rather pay for a monthly premium fee than buy a cup of coffee at Starbucks.

I have a huge iTunes library and curated playlists into categories I deem fit. When I move to another computer, transferring my library is a pain in the place where the sun doesn't shine. Spotify just alleviates all of that for me. Here's 8 reasons why I think Spotify is great for the casual music lover.

1. Spotify is cross-platform

In layman's terms, it runs on all your devices: Mac, Windows, iPad, iPhone, Android phone, and even inside a web browser! You can take your music everywhere with you! Visit the page to get started.

2. Spotify broadens your musical horizon

The Mood Browser is a showcase of well organized groups of playlists. You want to sleep? They've got playlists of lullabies and hypnotizing nature sounds. You want to crunch at work? They've got what you need to pump you up. At the beach? You're covered with island tunes. Piggy back on the playlist curating skills of other people! You might find a couple of gems here and there in their treasure chests of auditory choices.

Spotify's Discover, dude. You listen to an artist or playlist and Spotify suggests more for you. You view an artist or playlist page and they list related items. It's a rabbithole, I tell you!

And their local Philippine music library is growing. So dear local artists, please get yourselves on Spotify ASAP.

3. Spotify brings your playlists everywhere

As long as you have Spotify on the device you carry, you'll get access to playlists you have followed and, of course, your own masterful assemblages. If you make an update to a playlist on your PC, the same change manifests on your Mac and your phones. It's like bacon. I love it. This requires internet access though to stream music. However...

4. Spotify can run offline

Yes, you heard that right. If you get premium for a cheap amount, you can download playlists and play downloaded music without an internet connection. Nice.

5. Spotify is free

The best things in life are free. The reality on the internet is most free things come with ads but if you can bear with those, why not?

6. Spotify's premium is cheap

In the Philippines, getting a premium subscription on Spotify is cheaper than buying a tall cafe latte at Starbucks. It's a potent cup of coffee that lasts a month. A month. For the price of an Ultimate Burger Steak meal at Jollibee. Stop pirating and support your favorite artists on Spotify by listening the sweet Jesus out of them.

7. Spotify can control playback across devices

I found this feature really cool. Here's how I discovered it: I ran Spotify on my PC with volume up in my bedroom, went to lie down on the sofa in the living room, and started reading on my phone. I opened Spotify and poof, it prompts me if I should continue playback of the current song on my PC or on my phone. Woah. And I could pause/skip/whatever from my phone, too, while Spotify blasts the audio through the speakers on my PC. Epic, effortless remote control. My ears are blown.

8. Spotify wants your playlists, too

Well, not really. But what the heck, make your Spotify profile and playlists public anyway! I'm , come check out my lame choices. I follow back. Ha.