Yolanda (Haiyan) Relief Campaign

- Dear world, you got our back when it got whipped real crazy by Yolanda/Haiyan. Amidst the chaos, cultural, racial, religion, national boundaries, you were all here with us, in person and in support to help us get back on our feet. As someone who has relatives that were affected by the typhoon, you have my deep, sincere thanks. Thank you. You have showed me that as a human, there is no boundaries. It is not clear in this paragraph but I am honestly teary eyed typing this in. It's crazy. That phenomenon when a huge part of the world stopped to help us out. Again, thank you.

For those who haven't helped out yet, or are still want to give support, it's not too late even if it's 3 months after the catastrophe. Here are ways you can help out:

  1. There are lots of but here's . This is organized by the where a friend of mine plays a big role in. It is legit. You can donate to the campaign with a minimum of $5.

  2. If you feel like taking a vacation, why don't you come visit us? Help us get our tourism going again. As a country with a dependency in this industry, our locals need it. Not only will you be taking a break, you'll be helping us out, too. Don't forget to tip!

    Malapascua is one of the heavily damaged areas. With your support, the people have started rebuilding houses and clearing up shores. It is getting back on its feet but it's not there yet. Come dive in Malapascua, or visit Bohol and Bantayan Island. You are more than welcome here, world.
  3. No money, no problem. Start your own mini-campaign and share information about the typhoon, about campaigns on your wall or Twitter timeline. A small post will be enough to remind anybody what happened, and what could still happen. This takes a few kilobytes of your internet bandwidth and a few minutes of your time. No currencies needed :)

See you on one of the 7,107 islands!