Changelog Droid: for the OC with app updates

If you're someone who is always curious about what has change in a new app update, this app is for you.

Google Play Store notifies you if there are apps that have updates and with one click, you can download & install them all. With the right settings, the updates can automatically run. The problem here is looking at the changes or what's new with an update. First, you have to click on each app, and then expand the change log per app to see details. A bit of a hassle.

With , you can see all release notes from new updates in one screen ordered by most recent first. Very convenient. Per app, you can also quickly access its Play Store page, uninstall, app options, share, and version history. Changelog Droid caches all the data so unlike Play Store, it's much more responsive when looking at update information after it has pulled all the data.