My Baby Steps to Conservation and Sustainability with Divelink

My friends would know how much I've been underwater this year. Most of the time in Malapascua, Cebu. I've been to and from paradise island 7 times this year already. And for good reason.

I was busy slowly working on the  in 2015. It came around slowly but surely. This is the first tech project I am super proud to be officially part of. As I got to know more about the dive shop, the people in it, and contributing to it through building and managing their website and social media accounts, I realized that this is one way I'm going to use my skills to contribute to sustainability.

Divelink has been granted , presented by the ASEAN Tourism Association. In the whole of ASEAN, a humble dive shop at a humble small paradise island at the northern tip of Cebu gets this award? They must be doing something right.

Besides having their own conservation projects ( and ), Divelink is also involved with , the , and . They may be a business but they sure have a lot of involvement with conservation and sustainability like helping in establishing of the landmark Executive Order to set Cebu as the in the Philippines. 

Feels good to support them with my nerd skills. You can feel warm and nice inside, too, if you show the group some love by following us on our social media accounts :)

Last but not the least, help us by supporting our shirt campaign called . When you buy one shirt, not only are you funding shark research & protection and reef nursery creation, you are also supporting women and college students from Rizal. This is one amazing way to support multiple causes!

This is my baby step to actually contributing something to sustainability and conservation. Climate change is a big problem that the whole world faces. No matter which country you're from. Join the global fight. We need every single bit of help. Stay updated, reduce your consumption & waste, and do some sort of volunteer work for the sea & earth.