A Benefit of Keeping Track of My Expenses

I've been using  for almost a year and religiously jotting in my expenses and earnings. There are some I forgot to put in but around 98% are accounted for. I'm trying to be money-OC like that. I will write a review about it soon and how it's worth paying for.

A benefit I want to talk about right now is spending history. I was looking through my pseudo dive logs and looking at the number of dives, it felt off. I have a dedicated monthly budget for diving in CoinKeeper and I try not to overspend it. But I spent 200% of the budget in Malapascua and an anticipated over-budget in another upcoming trip so my dive expense for the month of February is a broken promise :))

Anyway, I checked the Diving expense category CoinKeeper history and went through each item.  Voila! There was a dive expense in September that I didn't jot down in my pseudo log book. So now I just need to dig deep into my memory what happened on that day (which is bound to fail). But at least I got the missing dive date from CoinKeeper. Cool, right?

This isn't a CoinKeeper specific benefit but an advantage of industriously jotting down earnings and expenses. Have you used your spending history or budget tool for other benefits other than expense tracking like this? Share in the comments below!

Image is from CoinKeeper website. CoinKeeper is available for a trial period on and .