Lazy site search with wget

I have a problem. I'm very lazy. It might be obvious by now. I had a problem compiling 's jailbreak tweak. When I try to run make, I get an error that '/apl/tel/' could not be found. After following the , I still had the same problem. There was still no '/apl/tel' directory on my machine. Jailbreak tweak noob dev exlaims... What in tarnations?

So I decided to look for any mention of '/apl/tel' and its derivatives on . I was too lazy to go through every article he posted so I decided to go commando and exercise a little bit of command line mojo: using to download his whole blog content so I can search through all of the text via .

Of course, Mac doesn't have wget installed. So we leave it to to install that for me. Brew is such a lifesaver. After installing brew and running brew install wget, I ran this command:

wget -rH

Parameter dissection:

  • -r Recursively download the links on the page. I wanted this because I want to grep through all the content on Saurik's blog.
  • H Span hosts. Allow to go to different hosts but...
  • -D Limits it to this site only. Weird. Maybe we can do without -H and -D? Too lazy to try. Just wanna jot this down up here.
  •  The page to download. We got -r so it will follow all the links on the home page.

I got all the files in a nice folder from where I ran wget and grepped through all the text. Voila, I still didn't find any mention of /apl/tel/ Sigh. All this lazy work for nothing. Of course you can Google apl but where's the fun in that?