A Summary Of 0x7DD

Yeah, I'm a geek. 0x7DD is 2013 in hexadecimal. Now, you know.

Wow. 2013, right? Right? OMG. Where do I start? January 1, 2013... 12:01AM. As usual, I was already slightly intoxicated, like every other New Year's Eve since college. 12:02AM. Am I seriously gonna give you a minute-by-minute account? No. Ha. I doubt I'll finish this post before 2014 comes in. It's already 58 minutes to 2014 as I write this sentence and I'm nowhere near close to started.

2013 is the craziest year I have ever had. Ever. I had 27 years, probably year one was hella crazy but I don't remember it. 2013 though. Whew. It was like a rollercoaster with no rails, no seats, and no seatbelt. It felt like I was just being thrown around in an invisible, unpredictable ride.

As much as I'd like to vent, I'm saving all my personal drama for whiskey time and would just like to highlight all the good stuff that 2013 slapped me in the face with:

  • Got employed by TRUSTe Cebu on April 1 after spending the early part of the year sort of being a bum. Thought it was an April Fool's joke. It wasn't. And it's been pretty good working in that office. In the 3 offices, I've been in, it's currently ranked top 1. Finally decided to drop blushama and just go solo. Reasons.
  • It was a good year of photography for me. Did my first ever . Got featured on a . Upgraded to a second hand D80, got it a battery grip, bought a new cheap flash and an umbrella kit. Made quite good work with all those new gear. I think.
  • Ayden happened! Got a brand-spanking-new nephew and an addition to the Christmas list this year.
  • Met a lot of awesome, inspiring, get-off-your-ass-what-have-you-done-for-27-years kind of encouraging people. Virgie. Emma. Oh, Emma. The Germans. All the cool vibes peeps in the Hukas Divers group which brings me to...
  • Had my first scuba dive (DSD) session around June this year, fell in love with it and around August. Yes! Now, I can dive anywhere without Francis bugging me.
  • Attended five weddings. Five! Well, actually just four. I was just half of the band on the other one. 2013 must've been a really great year for all these new couples. Good for them.
  • Learned a lot of new development stuff: Python + Django, iOS development, Java. Don't ask about the last one.
  • Got into Dota 2 and I slightly regret it.
  • Kidney stones. But I'm okay. Thanks.
  • Got myself a second hand mountain bike and also started jogging again. Because kidney stones.
  • Got a few opportunities to be a real citizen of this country: joined the Pork Barrel PDAF march (because I hate tax and tax misuse), helped out in relief delivery operations for Bohol earthquake victims and Haiyan/Yolanda typhoon victims in Madridejos. It was a busy time of the year.
  • The year I got busy with Reddit. Oh, Reddit. You have become a big part of my 2013. Such a time sink.

Well, there you have it, imaginary fans. My 2013 in an unordered list. How lame. Maybe I'll do something like every new year, too. Just so I'll have something to nice to post. And as I end this article, I'd like to say goodbye to Paul Walker and Nelson Mandela. I wish Kris Aquino and PNoy died instead of them.

Hello, 0x7DE.

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