Trojan Horse Report

Yeah, I post my year summaries on Chinese New Year now because I want to be in sync with the zodiac titles. Not really. Just couldn't find the time to make the summary before 2015 came around. Haha. So here's my 2014 recap, the year of the wooden horse!

  • Year of the ukulele! Bought my first ukulele. Cute pineapple soprano uke. Joined for Ukulele Sundays, and started our own fun band with buddies. We call it . Strawberry Jam in short. We even got to play for the ! What an awesome group, yo. And we also had the pleasure of accompanying on some of their gigs!
  • Not very active with photography last year. Just had three shoots with Jhelsea, Mbongo (aka the cute Russian chic), and Adeline.
  • Not as many weddings as 2013 but I went to three. The rate is declining. Good.
  • Puppies! So we adopted a female shih tzu mix from our aunt in Dapitan and she's been very friendly with our male spitz mix. Had a batch of puppies last year, gave two away, and we took one in. Now, we have four small dogs. Yey.
  • Fired a pistol and machine gun. It was kinda cool.
  • Spotted a turtle in Marigondon while diving. In Marigondon! Do you know how rare that is?
  • Not a very active volunteer in 2014. Delivered dozens of boxes of used shoes to Madridejos all the way from the kind folks from the US, joined the feeding program of Volunteer in Cebu once.
  • Discovered Hale Manna in Moalboal. Not gonna talk much about. Discover it yourself ;)
  • Went on really long zip lines in Butuan and Dakak.
  • Lost my dad's old dive watch :( but he got me a new one which is nice.
  • Reached level 28!
  • First Halloween party where I actually wore something.
  • In 2013, I got certified for Open Water Diver. I upgraded last year! I am now an Advanced Open Water Diver with PADI. Yeah! Lots of firsts in diving: night dive, cave dive, night cave dive, saltwater lake dive, thresher sharks!
  • Travelled to so many spots I've never been to! Butuan, Camiguin, El Nido, new spots in Moalboal, Cagayan de Oro, Hinatuan's Enchanted River, Surigao's Britania Islands, Coron, Oslob, Camotes, Malapascua, Dapitan, Dipolog, Dakak. The horse was around, alright.

Man, I travelled so much locally in 2014 yet I have only two posts on my ">"travel" blog. Just follow me on , okay? If you're wondering what 2013 was like for me, check out the for the other year. At least it was punctual. What's the year of the sheep gonna be like? :)