The Sheepish 2015 That Was

My wooden horse report for 2014 was made in February 2015. I'll try to be more punctual to the year this time. So here's the wood goat report for 2015! Delivered on chronological New Year. I know zodiacs are for Chinese New Year but guess what? I'm not Chinese. Xiao xiao a. So what happened in 2015? Not much.

  • A good year in music for me.
    • Here's my .
    • Big Mountain tops the list because they came to Cebu! And I watched them live. It was unforgettable <3
    • Composed my first song. It's in Bisaya and I don't have a good recording of it. Haha. You probably have never heard of it.
    • Fewer Wachichaw gigs than 2014 because of reasons though.
  • . Ha. Kinda difficult to go through non-fiction fast, y'know?
  • Better year of travel!
    • Dude, went to Singapore. For free. Thank you so much, office! Universal Studios was the bawmb!
    • Visited Camiguin this time for 3 nights with more time than the past two visits to absorb the volcano island. And my oh my. What a lovely place. Met a really nice Spanish couple who we have become good friends with!
    • First time to get on Kalanggaman Island but visited the island 3 times this year. Haha.
    • First time in Alona, Bohol. Fell in love :)
    • First gig with . It was actually fun. Lucky the guest was pretty cool.
    • Got a dome for the GoPro and got some !
    • Finally got to after nearly a decade. I missed the place. Fond memories with family.
  • More and more dives! Dive in Camiguin, been to Malapascua 7 times this year filling up my dive count pretty good. Oh, also finished . Check it out. Please? First time I saw thresher sharks and devil rays breach! Magnificent sight, I tell ya! Made it to a total of 75 dives at the end of 2015 (including previous years). So yey :)
  • First serious year of runs!
    • At the time of this writing, I have logged 368 kilometers on the I invested in!
    • Joined three 12 KM runs and one 10KM run.
    • Tried running in different places: Singapore, Alona, Dapitan, Molave.
    • To more runs and being fit next year, yes? :)
  • In 2014, I had a kidney stone incident. Yikes. It hasn't come back again but I seem to have amped up my partying and alcohol intake in 2015. Double yikes. 3 straight nights Sinulog 2015 parties and joined . So much fun. Try it. If you're not elitist and just want to be on a boat with friends and random people and get boozed up. Will take better care of my kidneys this 2016. I promise.
  • Started a bit of yoga classes. Helped a lot with my posture and flexibility. Actually burns a lot, too. I still don't practice at home.
  • Not much activity in photography though. But hey, I've become active on again so there's that.
  • There is an increase of weddings from 3 in 2014 to 5 in 2015. Demmit.
  • Good year of conferences. Joined the in Singapore. Gave a talk at the about  and facilitated a sample SCRUM workshop at the University of the Philippines. Oh, also joined . Cool that they hosted it here in Cebu!
  • Holy guacamole. I got a of an orca, a thresher shark, and a hammerhead sprawled across my upper back. Awesome!
  • Quite the busy year! Worked like a drone. Or like... sheeple.

Social media & blog stats checkpoint! So this year, I'll start comparing my stats year on year. No baseline for the previous year yet so here's the start:

  • : 629 followers vs 1424 following
  • score: 61
  • : 650 followers vs 1279 following
  • 14 posts in 2015. Hahaha. Shit.

How were my other years? You really want to know? Fine. See the posts for and .