Cross-platform Password Manager

Goodbye, Pocket.

For as long as I had an Android phone, I've always used as my password manager. It's been pretty reliable, easy enough to use, and just leverages my Dropbox account for database backup. It protects my passwords with a master password.

The only problem I had with it is it being only Android supported. The last update it had was back from May 2013. That's almost four years ago. It still works pretty well but I am at the point that I need to pull up passwords on the Mac or Windows and I don't and/or can't grab my phone so I needed cross platform support.

Late to the Design Patterns Show

Design patterns are great. It gives you a pool of known solutions to common object-oriented software problems. Then you'll need to apply some creativity to tweak the patterns to fit your situation. There are close to two dozen design patterns and going through them all at once will overwhelm you. I can't even say I fully understand all of them but I think what you should first understand is these 23 patterns are grouped into three:

Downboy Bubblegum Sinulog 2015 Weekend!



Finally got around to working on the crazy video clips we collected over the weekend last year. Premiere Pro is so fun to use, seriously. There are ! So many choices, so little time.

Where are you gonna be this weekend? Find us on the streets!

It's time for Red Bull Supreme all day, everyday because it's Sinulog Month!

Where To Party This Sinulog 2016 Weekend

Update: as of Friday January 15 3PM, 22 listed parties total! Woah! Check out the .

It's Sinulog Festival month in Cebu City and there are parties everywhere this weekend! To make it easy for you, I've made a nice compilation linking to all the parties for the computer nerd party animal in me.

7 parties on Friday. 11 parties on Saturday. 4 massive events on Sunday. 17 listed parties this weekend. Damn, son. Get your Red Bull on, yo. Did I miss anything or something's outdated in the data? Put a comment down below!


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