Because I&;m trying to be a good citizen on and off the web. And while I love living in Cebu, I hate the Philippine tax rate, and it&;s blatant misuse.

Philippine Senate Bill 256 Bonus Tax Exempt Increase Online Petition

The P30,OOO ceiling was fIrst introduced in 1994 upon the effectivity of Republic Act No. 7833. At that time, the lowest monthly basic salary for government employees (Salary Grade 1, Step I) was P2,800 and that ofthe President of the Philippines (Salary Grade 33) was at P25,OOO.

At present, the basic salaries have been adjusted such that SG-I Step I now stands at P9,000 and SG-33 is at PI20,000. While there have been increases in the legislated pay scale of private and government personnel, the P30,000 cap for the income tax exemption of the 13th month pay and Christmas bonuses have remained the same. This amount no longer mirrors prevailing circumstances.

The Day We Fight Back Against Mass Surveilance

Dear users of the internet,

In January 2012 we defeated the with the largest Internet protest in history. A year ago this month one of that movement&;s leaders, , tragically passed away.

Today we face a different threat, one that undermines the Internet, and the notion that any of us live in a genuinely free society: mass surveillance.

I Am Number One

Not really number one. I&;m like the 12,586,269,025th in the long list of bored people trying to be witfully cynic on the internet. That, by the way, is the 53rd number in the Fibonacci sequence and 53 is the 16th prime number, and you don&;t really care.

This. This, my fans... this semi-eccentric arrangement of Latin runes... this post is post number oneBoom. Your brain cells have been detonated a few digits ago. Bow.

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