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Cross-platform Password Manager

Goodbye, Pocket.

For as long as I had an Android phone, I've always used as my password manager. It's been pretty reliable, easy enough to use, and just leverages my Dropbox account for database backup. It protects my passwords with a master password.

The only problem I had with it is it being only Android supported. The last update it had was back from May 2013. That's almost four years ago. It still works pretty well but I am at the point that I need to pull up passwords on the Mac or Windows and I don't and/or can't grab my phone so I needed cross platform support.

Improving Team (and Barkada) Collab with Slack

I've been using a for a couple of months now. I think it's great and I want to share it with you. Not only is it effective for working teams but for friends, too. Those who are willing to stick with it at least. The increase in productivity and transparency that they boast on their front page are true for me and my team. You can check out more of their survey results .

So what is Slack and what is it trying to solve? You can watch the video below for a better explanation but in one sentence, Slack to me is a wonderful team messaging tool with a lot of neat features to improve productivity and collaboration. More details after the video link.

A 2015 Guide To Your First Resume: For Students

Hello, upper East side! I kid. What shows are college students watching nowadays anyways? Whatever it is they're spending time on, they should spend a few minutes reading this post if they want a chance at a job they want. Welcome to the 2015 Cebuano Student's Guide to Your First Resume!

I was a college student once and I had to make a resume, too, to apply for an internship. It was difficult the first time but with the help of my sister who worked in Human Resources (who did recruiting back then), I cleaned up my CV pretty well. I have started going through intern applicants recently and I am weirded out with what I'm frequently seeing so let me do our future graduates a favor by giving you tips on your first resume.

Again, this is targetted for students and not professionals. If you are a professional, I assume you already know how to make a decent resume. If not, try using the tips below :)

If I Were A Globe Load Scammer

Translation of message above:

You have been charged PHP 300 in your bill for calling a landline number using your postpaid plan. If you want to waive this charge, just text 300 CANCEL and send to 293644993836 and reply YES to the next message that you will receive to cancel the charge.

With Globe Telecomm Philippines, you can share phone load to other Globe numbers by sending an amount to the number 2 + (desired recipient's phone number). However, scammers have started targetting this for collecting money from unsuspecting victims by sending the message above.

8 reasons why I love Spotify

And how I'd rather pay for a monthly premium fee than buy a cup of coffee at Starbucks.

I have a huge iTunes library and curated playlists into categories I deem fit. When I move to another computer, transferring my library is a pain in the place where the sun doesn't shine. Spotify just alleviates all of that for me. Here's 8 reasons why I think Spotify is great for the casual music lover.

1. Spotify is cross-platform

In layman's terms, it runs on all your devices: Mac, Windows, iPad, iPhone, Android phone, and even inside a web browser! You can take your music everywhere with you! Visit the page to get started.


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