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A beginner diver&;s gotta have some sort of public boasting of first dives in different places, right?

360 Selfish - My Most Vain Video Yet

360 Selfish: Mashup Of 360 Selfie Videos Over Two Years!

Ever since I saw the Epic 3 Year Selfie video on , I've been wanting to make one myself. And so I did. I couldn't wait for another year for more videos so I made one out of 360 selfie videos from two years. Make sure to enable Close Caption to see the names of the spots.

It was fun learning how to edit a video with Adobe Premiere Pro because GoPro Studio kept crashing on me. And it was fun going through all of the videos again! Hope you guys like it.

My Baby Steps to Conservation and Sustainability with Divelink

My friends would know how much I've been underwater this year. Most of the time in Malapascua, Cebu. I've been to and from paradise island 7 times this year already. And for good reason.

I was busy slowly working on the  in 2015. It came around slowly but surely. This is the first tech project I am super proud to be officially part of. As I got to know more about the dive shop, the people in it, and contributing to it through building and managing their website and social media accounts, I realized that this is one way I'm going to use my skills to contribute to sustainability.

Trojan Horse Report

Yeah, I post my year summaries on Chinese New Year now because I want to be in sync with the zodiac titles. Not really. Just couldn't find the time to make the summary before 2015 came around. Haha. So here's my 2014 recap, the year of the wooden horse!

What's DSD, Is It Safe, How, and Other Questions

I'm planning to organize DSD sessions (Discover Scuba Diving) at most once a month and if you're here, that means you're interested and just have a couple of questions you want to ask. After taking 5 groups of buddies to DSD, here are the questions that I usually get.

Is it safe? Yes.

Like anything done in life (driving, travelling, drinking, etc), you remain safe if you stay within the safety standards. The 1st item in  explains how diving is not that dangerous. It's a great article, by the way. You are more likely to be in an accident on your way to the dive spot than during the actual dive. Crazy, right?

A Benefit of Keeping Track of My Expenses

I've been using  for almost a year and religiously jotting in my expenses and earnings. There are some I forgot to put in but around 98% are accounted for. I'm trying to be money-OC like that. I will write a review about it soon and how it's worth paying for.

A benefit I want to talk about right now is spending history. I was looking through my pseudo dive logs and looking at the number of dives, it felt off. I have a dedicated monthly budget for diving in CoinKeeper and I try not to overspend it. But I spent 200% of the budget in Malapascua and an anticipated over-budget in another upcoming trip so my dive expense for the month of February is a broken promise :))

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