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Poetry, character, finding myself, emo stuff. You will want to avoid the mopey stuff inside.

Veisalgia: a poem

Your sweet-smelling hair
Satin-smooth and rain-damp
It&;s the tall, cold, moist wine glass
Cradling the repressed cocktail made up of
Hush-soft lips that melt in my mouth

The fluid tenderness of your tongue
Pillow-cheeks, gentle to clash against
When I&;m teasingly nibbling on the cherry garnish
That is your ear, every curve, every dimple

Finished off with a neck
Like a tall tower of Irish cream
Buttery, rich, velvety and extremely intoxicating

A Summary Of 0x7DD

Yeah, I'm a geek. 0x7DD is 2013 in hexadecimal. Now, you know.

Wow. 2013, right? Right? OMG. Where do I start? January 1, 2013... 12:01AM. As usual, I was already slightly intoxicated, like every other New Year's Eve since college. 12:02AM. Am I seriously gonna give you a minute-by-minute account? No. Ha. I doubt I'll finish this post before 2014 comes in. It's already 58 minutes to 2014 as I write this sentence and I'm nowhere near close to started.

2013 is the craziest year I have ever had. Ever. I had 27 years, probably year one was hella crazy but I don't remember it. 2013 though. Whew. It was like a rollercoaster with no rails, no seats, and no seatbelt. It felt like I was just being thrown around in an invisible, unpredictable ride.

As much as I'd like to vent, I'm saving all my personal drama for whiskey time and would just like to highlight all the good stuff that 2013 slapped me in the face with:

I Am Number One

Not really number one. I&;m like the 12,586,269,025th in the long list of bored people trying to be witfully cynic on the internet. That, by the way, is the 53rd number in the Fibonacci sequence and 53 is the 16th prime number, and you don&;t really care.

This. This, my fans... this semi-eccentric arrangement of Latin runes... this post is post number oneBoom. Your brain cells have been detonated a few digits ago. Bow.


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