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Okay, anybody who knows me on Facebook or Twitter knows that I am currently obsessed with doge stuff. It&;s a skill.

It&;s 4 weeks into January and I have made 9 posts including this one. I read my posts again and they are not as funny as I felt as I wrote them. Maybe because I&;m sober now. And have had enough sleep. Makes sense.

So congratulate me for sort of maintaining 2 lame posts per week. Where the hell are my fans, anyway...

The Day We Fight Back Against Mass Surveilance

Dear users of the internet,

In January 2012 we defeated the with the largest Internet protest in history. A year ago this month one of that movement&;s leaders, , tragically passed away.

Today we face a different threat, one that undermines the Internet, and the notion that any of us live in a genuinely free society: mass surveillance.

Veisalgia: a poem

Your sweet-smelling hair
Satin-smooth and rain-damp
It&;s the tall, cold, moist wine glass
Cradling the repressed cocktail made up of
Hush-soft lips that melt in my mouth

The fluid tenderness of your tongue
Pillow-cheeks, gentle to clash against
When I&;m teasingly nibbling on the cherry garnish
That is your ear, every curve, every dimple

Finished off with a neck
Like a tall tower of Irish cream
Buttery, rich, velvety and extremely intoxicating


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