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Yolanda (Haiyan) Relief Campaign

- Dear world, you got our back when it got whipped real crazy by Yolanda/Haiyan. Amidst the chaos, cultural, racial, religion, national boundaries, you were all here with us, in person and in support to help us get back on our feet. As someone who has relatives that were affected by the typhoon, you have my deep, sincere thanks. Thank you. You have showed me that as a human, there is no boundaries. It is not clear in this paragraph but I am honestly teary eyed typing this in. It's crazy. That phenomenon when a huge part of the world stopped to help us out. Again, thank you.

A Benefit of Keeping Track of My Expenses

I've been using  for almost a year and religiously jotting in my expenses and earnings. There are some I forgot to put in but around 98% are accounted for. I'm trying to be money-OC like that. I will write a review about it soon and how it's worth paying for.

A benefit I want to talk about right now is spending history. I was looking through my pseudo dive logs and looking at the number of dives, it felt off. I have a dedicated monthly budget for diving in CoinKeeper and I try not to overspend it. But I spent 200% of the budget in Malapascua and an anticipated over-budget in another upcoming trip so my dive expense for the month of February is a broken promise :))

Philippine Senate Bill 256 Bonus Tax Exempt Increase Online Petition

The P30,OOO ceiling was fIrst introduced in 1994 upon the effectivity of Republic Act No. 7833. At that time, the lowest monthly basic salary for government employees (Salary Grade 1, Step I) was P2,800 and that ofthe President of the Philippines (Salary Grade 33) was at P25,OOO.

At present, the basic salaries have been adjusted such that SG-I Step I now stands at P9,000 and SG-33 is at PI20,000. While there have been increases in the legislated pay scale of private and government personnel, the P30,000 cap for the income tax exemption of the 13th month pay and Christmas bonuses have remained the same. This amount no longer mirrors prevailing circumstances.

I'm so Pro. At Procrastinating.

I'll write something here later...

I kid. I either have some sort of serious procrastination problems, or I have a want-to-do list hoarding disease. Or both. I don't think that's good. Especially when you're as lazy as me. Imagine this: 20 todo lists on my app - with an average of over 5 items each. That's over 100 unchecked items! Cray cray! Not mentioning some of these items have sub-items! Double cray cray! And who knows what else I've forgotten to list down because I thought I'd list it down later but I didn't?


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