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Protect your Online Accounts with Two-Step Verification

It's called Two-Step Verification simply because it verifies you twice before granting access to your account using two things: your password and something that is with you like your phone. You should enable this in all your online accounts that support it. Why? To protect yourself and your data from being accessed by unauthorized peeps even if they get a hold of your password.

Social engineering: phishing for your password

How do other people gain access to your account? They steal and then use your password. How? By social engineering. What's that? It's a broad list of mind tricks to get you to surrender your information. One rampant method is phishing.

Changelog Droid: for the OC with app updates

If you're someone who is always curious about what has change in a new app update, this app is for you.

Google Play Store notifies you if there are apps that have updates and with one click, you can download & install them all. With the right settings, the updates can automatically run. The problem here is looking at the changes or what's new with an update. First, you have to click on each app, and then expand the change log per app to see details. A bit of a hassle.

How to automatically disable iPhone lockscreen when charger is connected

This tip only works with jailbroken phones, sorry.

Android has this cool panel where you can let your device screen stay awake if and while the charger is connected. This is pretty nifty when writing an app and you want to keep the screen on while observing changes. Of course you only want this while connected to the AC adapter so the screen won't drain your battery.

However, iOS does not have this setting anywhere on a clean iOS setup or  even on a default jailbroken device. Follow these steps to allow your device to keep the screen lit up while connected to the charger:

If your Philippine mobile data plan sucks balls, check your APN

Are you in the Philippines? Are you using our sucky mobile internet from our greedy telcos? Is it sucking even more right now? Maybe you should check your APN settings!

An Access Point Name (APN) is the name of a gateway between a GPRS, 3G or 4G mobile network and another computer network, frequently the public Internet. ~

In a more understandable analogy, it's like the name of the wireless network you need to connect to. You need it to be correct to get an internet connection. If this analogy confuses you even more, don't bother understanding. Writing this post in a rush.

Noob's guide to capturing jailbroken iOS device network traffic without using a proxy

This guide is written as if the person who will read this does not have much experience with SSH and jailbreaking.


One of the easiest ways to capture network traffic coming out of your device to the world wide internet is by setting up a proxy on your desktop and setting your device to use that proxy but that assumes the app will use the proxy. What if it uses its own proxy? What if it uses a socket connection? What if you are forced to connect to another network (say, the GoPro app needs you to connect to the ad hoc wireless network on the GoPro device)?

This approach will allow your device to connect to any network, and captures all types of network traffic including socket and HTTP/S with or without proxy. Drawback is the need for the iOS device to be jailbroken. Jailbreak it. Free yourself.


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