Hashtag Mashtag

Because we all need some sort of order around here. There are posts that don't and won't show up on the front page. Enjoy the Easter egg hunt ;)

Poetry, character, finding myself, emo stuff. You will want to avoid the mopey stuff inside.

How crazy am I? I blog. That&;s how crazy I am.

Everything filed under here are evidence of why I might need a high five with reality. In the face. With a cold, wet bath towel. These are my industrious attempts to exercise my expertise in misinterpreting everything.


This is what I do best. Not that I&;m any good. Maybe I should actually start writing about it. These are all technical programming stuff. For tips on how not to be a noob user, check out the tag.

A beginner diver&;s gotta have some sort of public boasting of first dives in different places, right?

Because nobody likes a noob user. Educate yourself and be an better user like me, wooshing through life with all these productivity tips and app recommendations.

I like to take photos with a bulky camera. And I also enjoy looking at well crafted photographs so you&;ll see a mix of my work and others here.

Because I&;m trying to be a good citizen on and off the web. And while I love living in Cebu, I hate the Philippine tax rate, and it&;s blatant misuse.

Because a little bit of disorder is systematically appropriate.