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How crazy am I? I blog. That&;s how crazy I am.

Everything filed under here are evidence of why I might need a high five with reality. In the face. With a cold, wet bath towel. These are my industrious attempts to exercise my expertise in misinterpreting everything.

Downboy Bubblegum Sinulog 2015 Weekend!



Finally got around to working on the crazy video clips we collected over the weekend last year. Premiere Pro is so fun to use, seriously. There are ! So many choices, so little time.

Where are you gonna be this weekend? Find us on the streets!

It's time for Red Bull Supreme all day, everyday because it's Sinulog Month!

Where To Party This Sinulog 2016 Weekend

Update: as of Friday January 15 3PM, 22 listed parties total! Woah! Check out the .

It's Sinulog Festival month in Cebu City and there are parties everywhere this weekend! To make it easy for you, I've made a nice compilation linking to all the parties for the computer nerd party animal in me.

7 parties on Friday. 11 parties on Saturday. 4 massive events on Sunday. 17 listed parties this weekend. Damn, son. Get your Red Bull on, yo. Did I miss anything or something's outdated in the data? Put a comment down below!

If I Were A Globe Load Scammer

Translation of message above:

You have been charged PHP 300 in your bill for calling a landline number using your postpaid plan. If you want to waive this charge, just text 300 CANCEL and send to 293644993836 and reply YES to the next message that you will receive to cancel the charge.

With Globe Telecomm Philippines, you can share phone load to other Globe numbers by sending an amount to the number 2 + (desired recipient's phone number). However, scammers have started targetting this for collecting money from unsuspecting victims by sending the message above.

My Four Commandments

The is a book by Don Miguel Ruiz based on ancient Toltec wisdom. To be honest, I encountered the summary first before I read the book. I could fully relate to the summary and agree with it totally but when I started reading the book, the talk about spirituality, dreams, and alternate realities. It was a little too extreme to me so it became really boring really fast.

This  used to have a good summary of the Four Agreements but it has changed and I can no longer find the content on the website. So I decided it's time to write my own summary and understanding of my personal creed.


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