I like to take photos with a bulky camera. And I also enjoy looking at well crafted photographs so you&;ll see a mix of my work and others here.

Reuniting with Flickr

I don't know why I've left my unattended this long. It's been five years since my last upload of a fun shoot. Crazy. Maybe it's because every post I had before had a corresponding blog post on my old blog where most of my pics are and I grew tired of blogging my pics. The laziness was strong. For five damn years.

Had a couple of mini-shoots since then. I'm trying to get back to filling up my Flickr. Bear with me.

Why I Haven't Picked Up My Nikon D80: GoPro Hero3+ Black

Or in other terms, my GoPro Hero3+ Black review. It's a bit long. So sit down. Or lean on a wall. Photo above is straight from camera taken with a GoPro at Barracuda Lake, Coron, Palawan, Philippines. 

Bit of context

I got my GoPro sometime around late March 2014 and since then, I haven't brought my Nikon D80 with me in any of my travels this year. I like it that much. Before I got the GoPro, I first used my buddy's  to give action cameras a try since I've only had my D80 and my Galaxy S4. So before spending my hard earned money on something unsure, I made my buddy's action cam my guinea pig for travel and dive photos. After a couple of weeks using it, my buddy needed the camera back and that's when I realized...

I Am Number One

Not really number one. I&;m like the 12,586,269,025th in the long list of bored people trying to be witfully cynic on the internet. That, by the way, is the 53rd number in the Fibonacci sequence and 53 is the 16th prime number, and you don&;t really care.

This. This, my fans... this semi-eccentric arrangement of Latin runes... this post is post number oneBoom. Your brain cells have been detonated a few digits ago. Bow.

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