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Where To Party This Sinulog 2016 Weekend

Update: as of Friday January 15 3PM, 22 listed parties total! Woah! Check out the .

It's Sinulog Festival month in Cebu City and there are parties everywhere this weekend! To make it easy for you, I've made a nice compilation linking to all the parties for the computer nerd party animal in me.

7 parties on Friday. 11 parties on Saturday. 4 massive events on Sunday. 17 listed parties this weekend. Damn, son. Get your Red Bull on, yo. Did I miss anything or something's outdated in the data? Put a comment down below!

360 Selfish - My Most Vain Video Yet

360 Selfish: Mashup Of 360 Selfie Videos Over Two Years!

Ever since I saw the Epic 3 Year Selfie video on , I've been wanting to make one myself. And so I did. I couldn't wait for another year for more videos so I made one out of 360 selfie videos from two years. Make sure to enable Close Caption to see the names of the spots.

It was fun learning how to edit a video with Adobe Premiere Pro because GoPro Studio kept crashing on me. And it was fun going through all of the videos again! Hope you guys like it.

The Sheepish 2015 That Was

My wooden horse report for 2014 was made in February 2015. I'll try to be more punctual to the year this time. So here's the wood goat report for 2015! Delivered on chronological New Year. I know zodiacs are for Chinese New Year but guess what? I'm not Chinese. Xiao xiao a. So what happened in 2015? Not much.

My Four Commandments

The is a book by Don Miguel Ruiz based on ancient Toltec wisdom. To be honest, I encountered the summary first before I read the book. I could fully relate to the summary and agree with it totally but when I started reading the book, the talk about spirituality, dreams, and alternate realities. It was a little too extreme to me so it became really boring really fast.

This  used to have a good summary of the Four Agreements but it has changed and I can no longer find the content on the website. So I decided it's time to write my own summary and understanding of my personal creed.

Trojan Horse Report

Yeah, I post my year summaries on Chinese New Year now because I want to be in sync with the zodiac titles. Not really. Just couldn't find the time to make the summary before 2015 came around. Haha. So here's my 2014 recap, the year of the wooden horse!


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