Changelog Droid: for the OC with app updates

If you're someone who is always curious about what has change in a new app update, this app is for you.

Google Play Store notifies you if there are apps that have updates and with one click, you can download & install them all. With the right settings, the updates can automatically run. The problem here is looking at the changes or what's new with an update. First, you have to click on each app, and then expand the change log per app to see details. A bit of a hassle.

Trojan Horse Report

Yeah, I post my year summaries on Chinese New Year now because I want to be in sync with the zodiac titles. Not really. Just couldn't find the time to make the summary before 2015 came around. Haha. So here's my 2014 recap, the year of the wooden horse!

Why I Haven't Picked Up My Nikon D80: GoPro Hero3+ Black

Or in other terms, my GoPro Hero3+ Black review. It's a bit long. So sit down. Or lean on a wall. Photo above is straight from camera taken with a GoPro at Barracuda Lake, Coron, Palawan, Philippines. 

Bit of context

I got my GoPro sometime around late March 2014 and since then, I haven't brought my Nikon D80 with me in any of my travels this year. I like it that much. Before I got the GoPro, I first used my buddy's  to give action cameras a try since I've only had my D80 and my Galaxy S4. So before spending my hard earned money on something unsure, I made my buddy's action cam my guinea pig for travel and dive photos. After a couple of weeks using it, my buddy needed the camera back and that's when I realized...

How to automatically disable iPhone lockscreen when charger is connected

This tip only works with jailbroken phones, sorry.

Android has this cool panel where you can let your device screen stay awake if and while the charger is connected. This is pretty nifty when writing an app and you want to keep the screen on while observing changes. Of course you only want this while connected to the AC adapter so the screen won't drain your battery.

However, iOS does not have this setting anywhere on a clean iOS setup or  even on a default jailbroken device. Follow these steps to allow your device to keep the screen lit up while connected to the charger:

It's Just Money

Shut up and take my money. But give me more in return. Life PLS.

Financial literacy is not very common in the Philippines. It seems to be a practice only for the already rich. Maybe because they know what it took to get there and so they would prefer to stay wealthy? I wouldn't say I'm fully financially literate but I know some stuff. And it's always about your priorities. If you prefer spending over saving to really enjoy life, can't help you there, mate.

To be honest, I'm just glad I'm not in any major debt I can't seem to pay off even if I don't have my own house & lot or a car. Just looking at the bright side of things. So how do I stay debt free at my late 20's? Here are a few tips I practice. If you're already rich, please skip to the next programming article.


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